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Bec & Greg AKA The Houseplant Hoarders are excited to share with you their long awaited range of eco-friendly Plant Care Products!

What they have to say:

" Our handcrafted soil blends and plant care products were a long time in the making. After months of experimenting with a wide range of ingredients and ratios, we developed our first two soil mixes; one for Indoor Plants and the other for Aroids and Tropicals. Shortly after and at the request of our Retailers, we developed our Succulent & Cacti Mix. 

All our soil mixes are hand-mixed to ensure the highest level of quality control. Each mix contains at least half a dozen high quality horticultural mediums in what we consider the perfect ratios for optimal plant growth and effective drainage for each plant type. 

Our Plant Care Range is something we are very proud and we look forward to expanding our range and our Retailers over the coming years."

- The Houseplant Hoarders

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