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Did you know that many of The Hoarders Plant Care Products are refillable?

In an effort to be eco-conscious and limit waste, we offer discounted refills on many of our Plant Care Products. Simply bring your clean empty containers back to our Aspley Store to have them refilled.

Refills are currently available on our:

- Neem Granules 

- Foliar Spray Concentrate 

- Foliar Spray

- Gnat Off!

We are also working on developing cost-effective reusable soil packaging in order to extend these services to our full range of products.



Q. Do I have to purchase The Hoarders Plant Care products from your store in order to have them refilled?

A. No, you are welcome to bring in any of our containers to refill no matter which Retailer you've purchased them from.


Q. Can I  bring my own containers from home?

A. Yes, you can. We have the means to weigh and tare any containers. Please however, insure that containers are airtight, clean and dry. This is to protect our staff and the integrity our our products. We reserve the right to reject any containers we deem unsanitary or deem unsafe.

Q. Can I refill at any store that stocks your products?

A. Unfortunately our Houseplant Hoarders Aspley store is currently the only store that offers refill services. We do however, intend to work with our Retailers to expand these services

If you'd like your local Retailer to offer refill services on our products, please let them know or contact us with their details and we will do our best to facilitate your request. 


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If you have any questions about our Product Refill Bar free free to contact Bec at:
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