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Why buy a Speciality Mix?

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

Choosing a quality growing medium is of upmost importance when it comes to your plants health. But not all soil mediums are made the same!

So what do Houseplant Hoarders Soils offer that bulk hardware potting mix doesn't?

Most Standard Potting Mixes;

- Are made up of compost, bark and peat, this can result in a dense medium. Dense growing mediums can lead to a lot of problems such as waterlogged plants and root rot. For optimal plant growth, most plants, particularly those grown indoors prefer a light mix, which allows air to circulate around the roots.

- Contain fillers like pine bark, which can render soil acidic when it starts to break down. Acidic soil decreases the availability of plant nutrients, such as phosphorus and molybdenum, and increases the availability of some elements to toxic levels, particularly aluminium and manganese. This can result in stunted growth and unhealthy plants.

- Are subject to their components availability, this means that the contents may be inconsistent, so you don't know what you're getting.

- Are not be pH tested. For optimal plant growth you want your soil be to a pH of 6-7

- Are stored in the wet, which can result in soil dwelling pests such as Fungus Gnats.

- Aren't nutritionally amended to provide all the nutrients your plants need.

How The Hoarders Plant Care Soil Mixes different:

- All The Hoarders Plant Care Mixes have a pH of 6-7 and are lab tested to ensure consistency.

- Each of Speciality Mix is made up of multiple quality horticultural components to ensure a well draining, nutrient dense mix.

So what's ingredients do we use?

- Charcoal: Charcoals helps "purify" the mix and help reduce fungal growth

- Orchid Bark ( Indoor and Aroid & Tropical): Orchid Bark is used to add bulk for roots to attach to and to aid in drainage

- Perlite: Perlite is used in various sizes to help aerate each mix and aid in root development. Perlite also helps reduce the risk of overwatering, but lightening the mix

- Neem Granules (Indoor Mix) A natural soil conditioner and fertiliser used to boost plant health.

- Pumice ( Indoor and Succulent & Cacti) Pumice absorbs excess moisture, so roots don't rot. Additionally, pumice improves aeration and stimulates the growth of mycorrhizae fungi.

Why do we care about mycorrhizae fungi?

Mycorrhizal fungi allow plants to draw more nutrients and water from the soil. These funky fungi also increase plant tolerance to different environmental stresses.

- Volcamin Zeolite (Succulent & Cacti) As most succulents and Cacti prefer a very free-draining growing medium, it is important to use a quality to mix that is able to retain nutrients. Volcamin Zeolite helps do this! Volcamin Zeolite works as a fertiliser battery, charging when free nutrients are available, holding them from leaching and releasing them to plant demand as required. Volcamin Zeolite is not effected by temperature and reduces the leaching of nutrients under hot tropical conditions, holding them for use by the plant instead

The Hoarders Plant Care Mixes;

- Mean less mess

- Are convenient and easy to use

- Are space saving, as they eliminate the need to buy multiple bulk components to make a quality mix yourself.

- Are easy to store, with each pouch being resealable.

- Eliminate the need to deal with messy bulk potting mixes, which can mould or become infested if not used straight away or stored properly.

Shop our full range of speciality soil mixes here

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