The Hoarders Plant care Aroid & Tropical Mix 1.5kg


The Houseplant Hoarder's Aroid & Tropical Mix has been specially formulated to help encourage root development & to limit the risks of over-watering.

Containing a mixture of high quality ingredients, it provides a nutrient dense medium for Aroid & Tropical Plant species to thrive in. 

Premixed for your convenience, this mix helps save you space and time and limits mess.

Bonus: Contains 6 months slow release fertiliser for optimal plant growth.

Currently available in 1.5kg Pouches



WS: $7.99 +GST

RRP: $16.99


Shipping Details

Generally speaking we can fit 12x Aroid & Tropical Mixes in one 25kg Box

Aroid & Tropical Mix 1.5kg