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Gnat Off Physical Pot Plant Barrier 1.5L


Containing a specially formulated mixture of pumice, course sand and neem granules* Houseplant Hoarder's Gnat Off helps create a physical barrier on your pot plant soil.

Gnat Off is free from harmful chemicals and synthetic pesticides.




Fungus gnats are one of the most common soil breeding pests Indoor Gardeners face.

Not only is having them flying around indoors unpleasant, they can also be detrimental to plant health. If present in large enough numbers fungus gnats can damage plant roots and stunt growth, particularly in seedlings and young plants.



Apply a 2cm thick layer of Gnat Off to the surface of your potting mix.  Press down to help create a soil barrier. Top off as needed.


Available in 1.5L Resealable Pouches


*Neem granules are not intended to be used as an insecticide/pesticide/biocide.


Gnat Off Pot Plant Barrier 1.5L

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