The Hoarders Plant Care Indoor Plant Mix with Neem 1.5kg


This peat and coco coir free mix is specially formulated for optimum plant health and to discourage pesky Fungus Gnats, one of the most common indoor pests. Containing the added benefits of neem granules, which are not only naturally high in nutrients, but are also said to help form a protective barrier just under the soil's surface, which may deter fungus gnats and their larvae*.


How to use:

Use soil mix to pot up your plant/s.

Stop about 2-3cm from the desired soil level and sprinkle a small amount of the neem granules evenly across the soil.

Top with soil and water in well.

Neem granules are active for 3-4 months before needing to be topped off.



WS: $8.99 +GST

RRP: $17.99


Shipping Details:

Generally speaking we can fit 15x Indoor Plant Mixes in one 25kg Box

Indoor Plant Mix with Neem 1.5kg